Our Story

Be Ready to Grow was born in 2020, realized the urgent need in the Latinx community to access culturally relevant training and coaching programs that help them navigate and overcome not only the challenges of the pandemic but the continuing social inequities and personal stressors people were going through.

In 2021, Be Ready To Grow began to partner with community based organizations and wellness providers that wanted to support the mental, physical and emotional health of the community using mindfulness practices that are trauma- sensitive and meaningful to their specific needs.

 In 2024 Be Ready To Grow welcomed Fabiola Robinson, our new CEO, with the goal of expanding our mindful-self compassion offerings and providing new ways to support people’s growth journey, including systemic family constellations, a powerful tool that helps us  find and heal the unconscious pathways of hidden intergenerational patterns.

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate the awakening of the collective consciousness by creating and sharing mindfulness-based education programs that support people’s mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

Our Team


Angelica Zapata


Angelica is a certified life coach and instructor of well-being programs based on mindfulness meditation. She believes that transcending the pain of life-changing events with mindful self-compassion is the portal to insight, a true opportunity for growth and transformation. As a first-generation immigrant from Colombia and a former military spouse, Angelica went through many relocations and career transitions that she thought had equipped her with the coping skills and resilience needed to embrace change. However, when she started practicing mindfulness meditation she realized that there is no resilience without self-compassion.

In the last five years, Angelica has developed and facilitated evidence-based mindfulness and social-emotional learning programs for Seattle Children’s Hospital, the University of Washington, Green River College, King County’s Best Start for Kids, Child Strive, Empower Youth Network, and Verdant Health Commission. Angelica’s holds a bachelor’s degree in Communication with a minor in Marketing, she is certified in Early Childhood Development and trained to facilitate (MSC) Mindful Self-Compassion™, (CIT) Compassionate Integrity Training™, Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness™, Finding Calm™ and Listening Mothers™.


Fabiola Robinson


Fabiola was born and raised in Mexico. She brings over 30 years of experience leading a software development company in the Seattle area. Her journey has been one of continuous growth and transformation, and in the last five years she developed a deep-rooted passion for mindfulness and positive psychology. Fabiola’s exploration into the realm of mindfulness has been both profound and practical. Fabiola has practice techniques to observe the mind and the effect thoughts have in her life.  She believes in the transformative power of positive thinking and its ability to foster meaningful connections and personal growth.

Fabiola is certified to teach Mindfulness by the Greater Good Science Center Institute at the University of California, Berkeley, and she also has been trained in trauma-sensitive mindfulness, the science of meditation and well-being, radical compassion, the power of awareness, positive neuroplasticity, and nonviolent communication. Her exploration into the realm of mindfulness has been both profound and practical. Her experience includes teaching mindfulness to private groups and staff at a Community College for three years. In addition, she is a skilled systemic constellations facilitator, constellations offer unique insights into familial histories and narratives, aiding in the journey towards reconciliation with life and self.

Attain peace of mind and move toward a greater level of health and well-being

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