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Our in-person and online GROW Community Circles promote mental ease, encourage healthy behaviors and help people develop a growth mindset. Contact us to schedule a GROW community circle!

Do you want to promote well-being and encourage healthy behaviors in your community?


Mindfulness for Stress and Anxiety

The stress in our lives is now so high that more and more people are making the decision to understand it better and to find creative ways to change their automatic responses to their daily stressors. Assist your clients in this process by offering Mindfulness practices that can empower them to do something to improve their own health and well-being, both physical and psychological.

Mindfulness meditation is a lot more than a strategy to manage stress. It is a way to cultivate a more compassionate relationship to yourself in relation to others and to every situation in life. Our courses provide a variety of reflections and essential practices that allow participants to tune in with themselves and experience what is to care for themselves, especially when under stress. Courses are offered in English and in a culturally adapted Spanish version. 

Mindful Parenting

Parents’ knowledge,  social emotional awareness, and resilience are some of the protective factors that help families manage stressful events more effectively and minimize the risk of mental health problems

Mindful parenting is a mindset, it’s living consciously as the mother or father of your child in the present moment, no matter what this moment involves. It’s becoming aware of the stress and unpleasant emotions that arise so you can pause before reacting.

This six-week program uses positive parenting approaches and evidence-based practices that empower parents to mindfully navigate the constant challenges of raising children. The goal of this program is to equip moms and dads of children 0-12 years old with tools and strategies to strengthen their parent-child bond while building resilience, self-acceptance, calm, and balance.

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