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Programs designed to increase your resilience and well-being.

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Are you willing to detox your life and find what's holding you back from what you desire?

Would you like to learn reliable strategies for coping with ongoing stress and tension?

Do you want to choose who you will be in this lifetime rather than having circumstances choose for you?

Steps to Start Your Coaching Process

Navigate the uncertainty of your transition with mindfulness, resilience, and self-compassion. My integrative coaching will facilitate the recognition of your personal power so that you can start making better choices for yourself and create a new life. This 4 step process ensures that you see fast, sustainable results!

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Learn the tools, strategies and self-cultivation practices that will support your growth with my featured programs, workshops, and classes.


A resiliency-informed, multi-part training program developed by the Center for Compassion, Integrity and Secular Ethics at Life University that cultivates basic human values as skills for the purpose of increasing individual, social and environmental flourishing.

Finding Calm™

Finding Calm is a Community of Mindful Parenting program that offers a unique opportunity for parents and caregivers to learn mindful-based skills to help reduce stress, enhance strong bonds, explore mindful self-compassion and encourage balance.

Listening Mothers™

Program offers a unique opportunity for parents of babies birth through six months of age to discover the joys of parenting. Our science based curriculum will help you turn the present moment into a positive moment!.


Does your mind get easily lost in endless thinking about what happened in the past or worrying about what could happen tomorrow? Is your mind constantly busy keeping up with your to-do-list? Meditation is a lot more than a strategy to manage stress. It is a way to cultivate a more compassionate relationship to yourself in relation to others and to every situation in life. 

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